Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What exactly does Mobile Mart do?
A:  Mobile Mart is a family owned business that provides Promotional Products to many different types of businesses and organizations.  We have over a half a million promotional and advertising items available through our company.  The customer tells us what they want, with all the specifications and we work to find them the best products at the best possible prices.  By using promotional items, companies can advertise and promote their businesses in many different ways.  We help them get their name and logos seen by many potential customers!  Since we are a family business, we work only alongside family, and don't have the overhead that most large promotional companies do, so we are able to give low prices for quality products.  All of our clients are given special attention on a one-on-one basis.  We work with our clients, not just for them.

Q:  Are there any limits to the amount of promotional items I can buy?
A:  It depends on the product that is being ordered, and the company that manufactures that product as to if there are any minimums that need to be ordered.  Every company varies in their requirements...that is why it is essential to have the many resources as we do, in order to find the manufacturer that is going to provide the promotional items the way our clients need them.  We are able to do orders in the 100,000's and the millions, if needed!

Q:  What does Mobile Mart need from me to put my order in?
A:  Every order is a custom job - We let you know exactly what information we'll need from you to get the ball rolling once the decision is made on what product(s) you are interested in.  Generally, besides your company information, we will need to know the following:

-- What type of product you are interested in (we will provide catalogs, website links and samples that will help you in your decision making.

-- The quantity you need.

-- Color, size and physical description of the product you need.  (Many products have special details and designs for you to choose from, as well)

-- If imprinting with your logo -  the size, color and specific details of your logo imprint - including artwork

-- Where you need the order shipped or delivered.

-- When you need the product in your hands completed by (there are different production times for different items)

-- If this is for a specific promotion or event, the type of event, date of event and attendance.

-- The type of shipping method you will prefer - or if you have a business account with FED EX or UPS, we can accommodate that, as well.

-- If you are reselling this item and have a resale number to provide us with, you will need to give us that number as well as a copy of your resale license.

Q:  How long does it take to get an order completed?
A:  Every manufacturer has different production times, depending on the product and the quantities ordered.  Many companies have a 10-14 business day turnaround, once the artwork and order is approved.  Others can be longer, or shorter in the turnaround time.  Once we know the product you are interested in, we can tell you the production time necessary for that order.

Q:  What if I need an order right away?
A:  We do suggest that you order ahead of time if you know an event or promotion is coming up, however we do have rush orders available for your convenience.  You just never know when you are going to need something done right away!  To have a rush order done, there will be a fee for rushing the order, and the production time and fee varies - it could be a 2 day turnaround or a 5 day turnaround...once again, every manufacturer has different production times, so we may not even need to do a 'rush order' if the manufacturer already provides your order within that time frame.  There is always the option to have your order done with a faster turnaround.  Also, depending on how far our manufacturer is from where you are located, that will make a difference in the shipping time.  Of course, there are options to have faster deliveries made, as well.

Q:  What kind of artwork do you need to complete my order?
A:  Every manufacturer requires different types of artwork to process your order, however most require Vector art files (AI or EPS files).  If you do not have your own artwork, have it in an incorrect format and don't know how to convert it, or need it done for you, we do have a great graphic artist that can draw the artwork up for you - however there is a fee for creating new artwork.  Call for quotes...  It is very important to have the correct format - otherwise it may set back the production time (remember, production time begins once the artwork has been approved).  It is also very important to have good artwork because you want your logo to appear crisp and sharp when printed on your promotional item.  We will work closely with you to develop the best possible artwork, if you do not have your own already.

Q:  Where are you located, and do you work with out-of-state companies?
A:  We are located in Glendale, California, but we work with companies and organizations nationwide!  It doesn't matter what state your company is located in because we can have orders shipped all across the U.S.  When we work with local companies we do our best to deliver the orders personally, but it's not necessary to be local when ordering from Mobile Mart!

Q:  I've ordered from large promotional retail companies before, and it's been so hard to get a live person to talk to on the phone.  Will this happen with Mobile Mart?
A:  No, Mobile Mart gives personal attention to all of our clients.  We have office phone numbers as well as our cell phone numbers so you can reach us at anytime, day or night.  We do not have recordings to direct you to more recordings...we run our own offices and take our own calls.  If you are unable to reach us at some point, we do return calls as soon as possible as long as you leave a detailed message on our voicemails.  We know how it feels to be put on hold and leave message after message only to be ignored or transferred to other extensions.  We don't want you to feel that way - so you can get in touch with us via office phone, cell phone or email.

Q:  I need to order promotional items for my new company, but I don't know where to start?  How can I find different ideas?
A:  Visit our website at in the Products section and you can search for all kinds of promotional products.  If you click on 'Featured Products', you will see many different and new ideas that may catch your eye.  You can always call us for ideas and website references - it helps if we can discuss with you your type of business, type of promotion you are doing, and type of advertising you have in mind.  Once we have an idea of what you are about, we can suggest various ideas and point you in the right direction.

Q:  Do you only work with businesses?  Or do you work with personal orders, too?
A:  Not only do we work with many different types of businesses and organizations, we also provide our services to personal events such as weddings, reunions, parties, school functions, and more!

Q:  How will I know when you are having a special on items?
A:  Our website will be updated regularly with specials, but we also do emailed specials, and mail-outs.  Just provide us with your email address and we will add you to our list.  If you wish to give us your information, email and put 'Add to Email Specials List' in the subject line, and give us your email address and any other information you would like.

Q:  Why are promotional products so important?
A:  Promotional Products are key in promoting your company name and logo, and advertising your business to many potential clients.  The point of promotional products is to have your name/logo viewed as much as possible by as many people as possible.  So often, we forget how useful promotional items are in our everyday life.  Think about when you see a fast food restaurant cup or a pen from a dentist's office somewhere - that is one more time the company logo is viewed by someone, and one more chance that person will remember the name/logo of that company.  When you see a truck drive by with a magnetic sign on the side of their vehicle with the company information, or see a key chain on your friend's key ring...every time you see that name/logo, there is a better chance you will remember it, and the more you see it and remember it, the better the chances become that you will someday use the services provided by that company or even refer to someone else.  One of us used to work at a very well known radio station in Los Angeles in the promotions department where they hand out key chains, stickers, and was the best form of promotion because the fans of the radio station would go to wherever this station sent its' promotional vehicles and do whatever they had to do just to obtain some of the radio station 'swag' - and this swag is seen all over California, and in many other states as well.  When you have a business stationed in one state, and your promotional items are seen in other areas - that should tell you your promotional products are working well for you getting your name/logo out there!  They are serving their purpose.

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